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Online Marketing

From devising an online marketing strategy to implementation and full service lead generation.

Graphic Design

Stunning visuals to show off your brand, products and services. Logos, Online Ads, Print Ads, Websites & More

Content Writing + SEO

From blog posts to corporate literature and everything in between, we make content marketing easy.

Digital Advertising - Search, Social and More

We manage ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, Bing, Blogs, Twitter, Youtube and so much more.


“Bridging the gap between supply and demand.”

At DAY Consultancy we are a small firm that delivers big results. We are industrious and switched on; we are also fun and easy to work with. Globetrotters that thoroughly enjoy the privilege of immersing ourselves in new markets, understanding varied cultures and catering to the demands of international clientele. We love a challenge and we love winning big for our clients!




– 2009, Our First Client

A local supermarket chain took a chance on us six years ago; we continue to serve our first client’s needs to this very day.

Our client has since continued to grow with two major expansions. In a saturated market we have helped maintain and grow their market share.

– 2014, Our One Thousandth Client

Late in 2014 we were approached by a leading catering and food manufacturing company to aid in their marketing efforts with a focus on Online Marketing.

Having started my career in sales & marketing working for a local food manufacturer, before online marketing was a thing. It is a pleasure to apply a mix of old and new knowledge to our client’s needs. ~ CJ DeGuara

– 2015 , Served clients in 25 Countries!

Each country brings with it new challenges and the need to fully understand the DNA of that market. At DAY Consultancy we love a challenge and are extremely proud to have provided marketing consultancy services in 25 countries.

We would like to thank some of our largest clients for providing us with the opportunity to work in so many markets with them over the years.



  • Digital Marketing Plans

    Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success. ~ Pablo Picasso

    Marketing plans are a crucial part of online marketing and without a carefully thought out plan based on market research and marketing knowledge most marketing efforts will at best deliver mediocre results. We hold ourselves to a high standard and refuse to deliver mediocre results. Let us help you formulate a winning plan and the route to success will be evident.

  • Graphic Design

    Web & graphic designer with an obsession for perfection.
    Your business image is reflected in each and every communication. Your image speaks volumes about your business; your attention to detail and your commitment to quality. Online more than anywhere else what your clients make quick decisions based on first impressions. Graphic Design is that strong handshake, crisp suit and eye contact that makes a great first impression.

  • Content Writing + SEO

    Content Writing + SEO

    Writing content that appeals to search engines and most importantly your clients is what we do best. Our writing style varies depending on your needs such as personable, friendly and even opinionated pieces for blogs. We also do short and persuasive as well as long, in-depth heavily researched articles. Corporate literature and interviews that highlight your team’s strong points and we even do product descriptions.

    We are writers first but we know how to appeal to search engines. Discover-ability is a big issue for most small to medium businesses and search engine optimization ensures that the content produced gets the exposure it deserves. We have proudly acquired traffic for over 100,000 keywords for our clients and we continue to excel at balancing search engine optimization with great content that engages our client’s audience.

  • Digital Advertising – Search Engines

    As a long term strategy we always recommend search engine optimization which offers the best return on investment; however sometimes you need to get search engine traffic now! Google and Bing are currently the most popular search engines worldwide with Google having the largest market share.

    Search engine advertising done well is extremely effective at ensuring that people searching for your product or service find your business. To ensure the best results with search engine marketing we take the following approach:

    Keyword Research: This basically involves finding out what people are typing into the search engines to find your product/service.
    Landing Page: We create landing pages (sales pages) to receive the traffic generated by sets of related keywords (search terms). This ensures that when potential clients arrive at your site they get exactly what they are looking for, this aids in ensuring that they don’t need to look anywhere else. Landing pages are also optimized for lead capture.
    Keyword Optimization: As the campaign progresses we keep a close eye on which keywords are giving the best return and optimize accordingly on an ongoing basis.
    Conversion Optimization: We also keep track of what people are doing once they arrive at the landing page in your site and optimize the page accordingly.

  • Digital Advertising – Social Media

    Social Media covers a broad audience and nothing beats a well maintained organic social media presence; however social media is also a great place to advertise products/services. We can handle everything from targeting to check out if you have an online shopping facility on your website. We also handle competitions, database building and custom campaigns.

    We work mostly with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Youtube & Google Network advertising but are also able to work on other social media platforms to help you reach your audience. Get in touch with us for a tailored quote and proposal.


  • handshakeDario Mazzolla
    Dario Mazzolla - Head of Research at Intelligentsia Worldwide
         CJ has the mindset to continually improve matters and has done an excellent job.  


CJ DeGuara

Marketing Consultant
Tel: +(356)999 777 33

Roksan Aydelman

Branding & Design Specialist
Tel: +(356) 3 550 550 9

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